Epicenter Entertainment



Transform your head table, entrance way, or the whole room to the color of your choice with our uplighitng packages. This effect sometimes known as “lightscaping” really helps set the mood for your event.



Dancing in the Clouds (Low Lying Fog effect)

This enhancement will have people talking about your first dance for years to come. As your first dance begins a soft white cloud rolls out to cover the dance floor giving it a dream-like quality that always gets the ooo’s and ahhh’s from everyone. Also your first dance pictures will take on a whole new and wonderful look as well. We can also use this effect as a great wow factor for your grand entrance!




Who doesn’t want their name in lights? With our monograms we can project your initials on the floor, wall, or ceiling. Great for behind a head table or just inside the entrance way welcoming guests to your event!




Wanting to share your photos with everyone at your event? We have a few great ways of doing that. Our flat screen TVs on trussing is a great way to add a modern flare to your picture presentation. Each TV also comes with an uplight inside the truss to accent the truss in your colors. A great space saving solution to the projector and screen style of slide shows.

Need everyone to see it all at once? We also have multimedia projectors and screens that can make sure everyone sees all your past memories! Our screens are 10 ft by 7.5 feet to ensure the people in the back of the room can see it too.

Both the Flat Screen TV or projector method will be run by us so you wont have to worry about it at all. All we need is the photos on a CD, Flash drive, or SD card to get things started.